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So my time on the great Tumblr has come to an end… I KNOW I KNOW I’m sorry!

I’m now over here >

Exactly the same stuff NEW MUSIC, MY RADIO GOING ONS, XFM, SRA SELECTOR/SELEXTRA, just it has my name at the top.

So pop over some time for a nosey around, I think you’ll like it!


This is your essential indie Christmas Day playlist

HO HO HO! This is your essential indie Christmas playlist, that should without question be playing on the big day!

Christmas cheer from the likes of: Swim Deep, The Maccabees, Katy B, George Ezra and a few more.

Have a great Christmas and enjoy the festive music!

Swim Deep - Sycamore


The Maccabees - Walking In The Air

George Ezra - Let It Snow

[STRANGERS] - This Year


PINS - Kiss Me Quickly

Katy B - Sleigh Ride

Foy Vance - Have Yourself A Very Merry Little Christmas

Luke Sital-Singh - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

Take Note! #2

Released online: 14th December 2013

Their debut album ‘I Love You.’ evoked a generic response. People neither loved or hated it, but there has always been something their with this L.A. group; and I think we finally have it in their new track ‘Silver’. It takes one minute exactly of dark electronic synth until the, west coast hip-hop beat kicks in, and my god what a beat it is! It carries the track, which is complimented with keyboard and soft vocals. This is a prime example of maturity. It’s a belter!

It’s a free download on SoundCloud, link is above.

Released online: 18th December 2013

Drake and Juicy J have remixed Future’s ‘Shit’, produced by Mike Will Made It. Drake hasn’t stomped all over the flow by any means, in fact he’s released a vicious attack of lyrics, supposedly in response to Kendrick’s verse on Big Sean’s ‘Control’. I’m not here to resolve fights… i’m here to tell you that the flow from Drake AND THEN Juciy J make full use of a ridiculous beat that, personally, gets lost with Future. 

Released online: 15th December

It’s been a bit of a hip-hop influenced post today, but It just shows the strength of the genre right now and the influence it’s having across music.

So the final track this week comes in from eighteen year old London composer Tom Misch, who’s produced a beat of epic proportions over the top of Mos Def’s ‘Mathematics’! You find yourself suddenly racking your brains for 2 Pac, Dr. Dre, Wu Tang Clan etc. AND THAT ENDING. The guitar solo and Jakwob esc chilled dubstep “wob wob wob” add another creative dimension to an already immaculately produced track. Crazy remix!

Another free download for you.

a little message

So due to the festivities, there won’t be a Take Note! #3 until either the week after next or the new year, but I’m going to be posting the best Christmas from songs this year (covers and originals). Expect Swim Deep, George Ezra and Story Books plus a couple more, so look out for that.

Happy Christmas, don’t forget to send your list!

Take Note! #1

Welcome to… ‘Take Note!

A place where you can read short reviews from me about the latest music released over the last week, as a round up really.

So enjoy, feedback is massively welcome, positive or negative and this week we’re going to be playing catch up a little bit, so there are a couple of older releases.

Released online: 11th December 2013

New Bombay Bicycle Club first up. 3rd February 2014 sees the release of their fourth album ‘So Long, See You Tomorrow’ and this is the second single released from it. Ethereal vocals and a wonderful instrumental construct take the track through ebbs and flows, from verse to chorus into a wonderful crescendo. You feel there has been a real attention to detail, it’s like a classical piece.

We could have a 2014 album of the year on our hands already. 

Released online: 10th December 2013

Bloc Party’s Kele Okereke has done a right job on Saint Raymond’s ‘Young Blood’. What started as sharp edged indie record has now been remixed using a touch of Acid House into a smooth, dance house track that could easily hold it’s own in a club set. Tune!

Released online: 29th November 2013

Here’s the first of the older releases. Nottingham’s Kagoule have uploaded their latest track ‘Adjust The Way’. Signed to local label Denizen Records, this is full of grunge and post-punk. A disturbed break-down in the final third prepares you for the final thrash of a tasty riff.

Currently on a UK tour with Cold Crows Dead until 17th December. 

Released online: 4th December 2013

Fair play for not being Disclosure mark II! This an impeccably produced track with an array of different electronic noises (you hear that? Those are wind pipes!) and a wonderful chord progression, all accompanied by the stunning vocals of Josh Record who gives the song a hint of R&B. This is baby making music!

You honestly can’t argue with this, ticks every single box: head nodding beat, sexy rhythm, edgy soulful vocal, perfect build and drop and goes even bigger at the end.

Joel Compass is class in his own right, but Huxley has done a faultless job with this!

Wicked track. 


Tim SchuhmacherPhoto by Hee Park

Oh my look at that pattern!


Tim Schuhmacher
Photo by Hee Park

Oh my look at that pattern!

(via four-thirds)

Seriously sick mash-up of two mega tracks by Nate Belasco: Kanye’s Black Skinhead vs. Tame Impala’s Elephant.

Whilst I was doing my stuff at X today, I was asked to upload it for playout, that’s how I came across it.

Enjoy it, I can’t stop listening!

Hello Bipolar Sunshine with Rudimental! This is a bit good, great vocals from BS and it’s a funky, stripped back Rudimental. Proper summer one!

Hi how are you?

It’s been a while since i’ve been on, but i’ve been so busy!

I’VE GOT TICKETS TO SEE THE ARCTIC MONKEYS AT EARLS COURT!!!!!!!! (sorry i’m mega excited). 

I’ve presented my first ever national radio show on The Hits Radio. It’s only cover work at the moment, but it’s a start and hopefully it’ll get the ball rolling!

I’ve just completed my first week at Xfm in London. I have loved every single second of it so far and one of the perks is free gig tickets. I saw Kasabian at Hard Rock Calling last weekend. I’ve seen them twice before and this was the best yet, Serge was on such good form!

This weekend I went to the Gentlemen Of The Road gig hosted by Mumford & Sons. Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeros (amazing live), Bears Den, HAIM, Ben Howard and Vampire Weekend all performed! Mumford & Sons closed the show and absolutely smashed it! I did realise though that i don’t actually know many Mumford songs.

I’m seeing Mumford again on July 18th as part of Xfm Presents and that is in a tiny intimate venue - can’t wait!

There’s a selection of new music that I haven’t had a chance to sample yet either!!!

New Kanye and J-Cole albums and Jay-Z’s soon!! How are they? Hip-hop is dead whaaaaat? Also Kodaline, Deap Vally OHHH and the announcement of the Arctic Monkeys fifth album ‘AM’.

AND It’s my first Tumblr birthday today…1…2…3…


God it has been a while hasn’t it?!

Put the razor on the sides and gone short. #mensstyle

Put the razor on the sides and gone short. #mensstyle

Welcome back to planet earth, the Arctic Monkeys!

They’ve stayed true to the sound of ‘R U Mine?’ and ‘Electricity’. Heavy with an imperious riff, its a love song Arctic Monkeys style. Alex Turner has turned out another epic vocal performance and the lyrics are reminiscent of the first album: honest, true and relatable.

Touring is how the Arctic Monkeys make music, which is fed by life experience and the sound can only develop that way and i’m glad they make their fans wait to deliver the best! 

The more you listen the greater it gets and without doubt confirms the sound of the fifth album, which is scheduled for later this year. Bring it on! I’m so happy their back. Also the video is like one for a James Bond movie!

 Today has been a good day.

Whenever i’m not in London there’s always a part of me that says ‘you’re missing out!”. The British Fashion Council have made it so easy to keep tabs on on what’s going on at LCM though!

Fashion is like anything else, its subjective. 

The Burberry Prorsum walk was unbelievable (pictures top). Smart and classy, Burberry nailed it! I used to have a pair of red slippers and I lost my thin low cut jumper (i’m doing good right?). It’s easy to see how the ideas will transfer to the high street, but if you’ve got the dollar why not dabble with Burberry!

Margaret Howells went grey colours, and the outfit feels like it was inspired by wartime Britain bought to modern day. Cool though, i’m starting to see bits i’ve already got that I can piece together like the shoes and shirt!

From You Must Create or YMC, I give you, the poncho. Not your traditional poncho, but its a poncho non-the-less. I’m so happy about this because i’ve been dreaming ponchos, that’s how much I want ponchos IN! I liked the sandals  as well.

Finally Topman (bottom photo) caught my eye. My first thought was Cowboy America. Then I looked at the pattern and material and I thought of Far-East Asia. I look forward to see how Topman transfer it to the high street.

It’s a brief reflection of LCM and as I said before, fashion is subjective, something I enjoy and I hope you can relate to my ideas and thoughts.

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